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Euridice opéra séjours culturels
About us
Founded in 1997 from the passion of Jan Dirk Neumann for opera & travels, Euridice Opéra has become the reference in personalised opera and classical music tours for those whishing to travel independently.

The Euridice Opéra team is today composed of its founder and his team. Aurélie Leca, General Manager and her team composed of Virginie Lang, Johanna Albrand and Linda Cesarini.

We put all our enthusiasm and savoir-faire to give every client the best musical experience ever.

According to us the pleasure of travel starts with your first contact with Euridice Opéra and we guarantee the most detailed care and attention throughout the booking process, during the tour itself and until your return home.

Euridice Opéra
5 rue du 4 septembre
13100 Aix-en-Provence

+33 (0) 442 91 33 91

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